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One of the technological advancements that helps Sodco more efficiently provide New England’s Finest Sod products is the machinery that we use on our farm to plant, grow, and harvest our grass.

Autostack Harvester

SODCO was the first farm in New England to have a Trebro Autostack. This machine helps us harvest our sod more consistently and quicker than ever before. By moving the sod from the fields to our misting shed in a timelier manner, we ensure you better sod for your project. The Autostack Harvester also allows us to create more uniform and neater looking pallets, providing you with better sod for your projects.

Track Machine

Our track machines help us install our sod at your location. Featuring rubberized treads, the track machine has very low ground pressure that allows us to install the sod more efficiently, in less-than-ideal situations.

John Deere 9500 Combine

This machine helps us harvest the corn that we plant – used both for crop rotation and in our Blazin’ Corn product. The John Deere 9500 Combine harvests multiple rows of corn at one time, separating the ears of corn from the stalks and then removing the kernels. The kernels are deposited into a hopper on the machine and eventually delivered to another part of the farm where they are dried and bagged, while the stalks and the rest of the corn are left behind, adding additional organic matter to the fields from which they were just harvested.

Irrigation Machines

Sodco has more land under the most efficient irrigation system available than any farm in the area. All irrigation is handled by our computer-controlled system, allowing us to monitor and control the exact amount of water used. Our irrigation pumps are all electric (as opposed to diesel pumps), helping us further our green initiatives on the farm.

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