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Few industries depend on the quality of their grass the way that golf courses do. At Sodco, we know how important quality is to your business and our commitment to providing the finest sod in New England will help your course look, and perform, its best.

We offer bentgrass for both greens and fairways. Currently on our farm in Rhode Island we are growing and blend Declaration/007 for greens and Pureformace for fairways. Our bentgrass varieties, like all Sodco products, are backed by our commitment to quality and are grown using technologies that allow us to provide better, healthier sod to our customers.

In addition to our bentgrass varieties, we also are growing Black Beauty tall fescue, which has been endorsed by agronomists for use in bunker banks and roughs. Black Beauty tall fescue provides better drought tolerance, greater natural insect resistance, and a smaller environmental footprint due to it needing less water, nutrients, or pesticides to thrive. We also offer shortcut blue and shortcut Black Beauty, which is typically used for both tee boxes and fairways.

If you are looking for a specific type of grass, we also offer contract growing on our Rhode Island farm, meaning we can use our years of experience and proven methods of success to grow exactly what you are looking for on your course.

In addition to our sod products, Sodco also offers installation and consulting services. We can help you plan your project, deliver the grass for that project, and even install it for you - providing as many, or as few, of these services that you require.

Contact us today to inquire about pricing on our sod products and services for golf courses and rest assured that your course will be at its best with New England’s Finest Sod from Sodco.
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