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In addition to offering New England’s Finest Sod, we also provide a host of complementary quoting for services, including sod installations for homeowners, businesses, golf courses and athletic fields, or even as an extension of an existing landscaping team. There is a minimum of 3000 sq. feet for Sodco's installation services, based on location.

Our friendly and helpful drivers will deliver your new sod and unroll the "Big Rolls" on your already prepped site, assisted by your crew. Check “Big Roll” guidelines for more information.

Our Delivery and Service Area

Our delivery and installation services are available in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire, and New York.

If you need your site completely prepped (the removal of old grass and all the preparation work to get the site ready for your new sod), we can provide you with those services as well.

Contact us today to learn more about our full suite of installation services, including pricing and availability.

Site Reviews

Sodco can provide site reviews for your project installations, helping determine which of our sod products is right for your needs. We will also answer any question you may have to assist you in calculating the amount of sod you will need to order to complete your project. You can also use our Turf Calculator to get an idea of how much sod your product will require.

Whether you are a home or business owner looking to improve your property, a golf course manager needing to improve the course, or a contractor looking for some information to help compliment their own expertise, Sodco’s site review services can help ensure you kick your project off right.

Contact us today and tell us more about your project and sod needs.


New England's Finest Sod

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