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Black Beauty big rolls.

Guidelines for "Big Rolls"

The following are our guides line for our "Big Rolls", which are 250 square feet each.

  1. SODCO provides a sod handler and driver to roll out sod. SODCO's drivers are to use their best judgment, based on experience, to decide where they will unroll. Rolls are not appropriate for steep slopes or small areas. Pallets should be ordered for these areas. If you are not sure of what would be suitable for big rolls, ask for a free site review by one of SODCO's salesmen.
  2. The LANDSCAPER provides four people per machine to pull, fit, and trim sod. Trimming should be done after all the sod is unrolled, unless there are additional crew people.

    You will need to have or do the following:

    a. Watch the weather. If rain is predicted, it is best to postpone. Sod cannot be unrolled at wet sites. To cancel, Sodco requires a minimum of 24 hours notice.

    b. Area to be sodded should be prepared and ready prior to delivery of sod.

    c. People will be needed to make the installation go efficiently and quickly. Additional crew will be needed if landscaper is planning to do multiple trailer loads in a day.

    d. Make sure your irrigation system or sprinklers/hoses are on site and working.

    e. Steel rakes to pull seams together, wheelbarrow for scrap and utility knives or sharp edging tools for trimming and cutting.

  3. SODCO allows 1-hour unloading time for 10,000-sq. ft., 2½ hrs are allowed for unrolling 10,000 sq. ft. After this time allowance an overtime charge of $100.00 per hour is prorated and charged.
  4. The carrying distance of the big rolls should be kept to a minimum. If the unloading site is a considerable distance from the installation site, the landscaper should have appropriate equipment to get the rolls to the installation site (i.e. dump truck, or tip cart.) The big rolls weigh about 1000 lbs. each
  5. Dimensions of rolls are 4' wide by 62½' long, totaling 250 sq. ft. The sod handler is 8'6" wide and 11'6" high.


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