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Frequently Asked Questions

We kindly ask 4-5 DAYS notice for delivery.

Installing 1 pallet, which is 500 sq ft., generally takes 1 person approximately 1-1 ½ hours. Hard to access areas and those requiring a lot of cutting will take longer.

No, not at all. You just pick up a roll lay it on the ground and unroll. It’s that easy. You just want to be sure to “butt” the edges tight with no overlapping.


We cut all sod fresh to order. Therefore we ask that you give at least 1 days notice to pick up your sod. Unlike the garden centers, we do not have pre-cut sod available. The minimum farm pick up is 100 sq ft. If you need your sod delivered a minimum of 1,000 sq ft is required.

Sod is a living, perishable plant. We cut all sod fresh for every order. To ensure the success of your new sod you must be sure your area is totally prepared and ready. You must unroll and install the sod the day you receive it and water immediately and thoroughly. Sod is mature grass that, once established, should be treated just as you would any other lawn. It should be aerated and thatched usually each spring, fertilized at the proper times of year, and watched as needed.

Sod is priced by the square foot and there are price breaks based on the quantity purchased. 500 sq ft fills 1 pallet and when you unroll a roll you have a 2’x5’ piece of sod. The pallet’s dimensions are 4’x4’ and there is a deposit fee per pallet that is refunded upon the pallet(s) return.

One of the many advantages of sod is that your window of opportunity is much larger than with seed. You can successfully install sod anytime, as long as you have water and the ground is not thoroughly frozen.

NO. Again, because sod is a living, perishable plant, it needs to be cared for properly. The weather is a big factor as sod is more perishable in hot humid weather than in either the spring or fall. If you absolutely cannot install all of your sod within 24 hours, the following tips will help prolong the shelf life of your sod:

  • Unroll the sod in another location and water if practical.
  • Place the pallet(s) in the shade.
  • Break the pallet(s) down by taking off the top half of the rolls and allowing more oxygen to get to the bottom layers.

Because of all of the nitrogen in the plant, sod will heat up and begin to ferment if left rolled up. Covering a pallet and/or watering the sod while rolled up, especially in hot weather, will compound the problem.

As soon as the sod has grown to where it looks like it needs mowing is ok. The general rule-of-thumb is not to take more than one third of the blade off per mowing. Cutting more than that at once may shock the plant and set it off color, especially in hot weather. You will most likely need to mow your new sod before it is completely rooted. For the first couple of weeks you should use a push mower not a tractor mower. It is very important to keep the mower blade sharp to keep a clean cut to the blade of grass. This promotes healthy growth and helps to prevent fungus issues. The height of the grass should be kept at 2-2 ½” to avoid the grass from burning due to the heat. 

If you have a female dog or immature male dog you may notice burned or discolored spots on your lawn developing. These spots are likely due to urine. If you have a mature male dog, it is unlikely that you will get urine-caused lawn spots because male dogs urinate on bushes, poles, and other landmarks. Dog urine is essentially a salt solution and among other things contains ammonia. When a female dog urinates on the lawn the foliage is coated with this salt solution, this salt draws moisture out of the grass, leaving the spot initially looking wilted and in a day or so looking brown where the grass has been killed. After the initial turf injury, the grass will green up in a circle around the dead spot as the nitrogen in the urine is taken up by healthy roots.

In the Winter, there is moisture from the rain and temperatures are colder, so it is less likely that your grass will burn.

To minimize the damage, if you see a dog urinate on the lawn, immediately sprinkle the area with water to wash the salts off the foliage. This will dilute it and the burned spots will not develop. You may also set your sprinkler timer to come on every day for two or three minute to wash off the salts after your dog goes out for its morning stretch.

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