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A successful project starts with successful planning and Sodco can give you the latest information on what is being grown so that your plans can include the latest products.

Environmentally Sound Products

New products that we offer, such as Black Beauty tall fescue, can be used in your designs, bringing an environmentally sound approach to the landscaping plans. Turf type tall fescue is an attractive, lush product that requires less water and nutrients to thrive. It is also more naturally insect repellent, meaning fewer pesticides are required. With so many homeowners and business looking to lower their environmental footprint and reduce the resources they consume, products like this can be an attractive addition to a design and we can be your source for these latest advancements in sod products.

Contract Growing

Sodco grows all of our products on our farm here in Rhode Island and other sister farm in Northfield, MA and we can also offer contract growing. If your plans call for a specific variety of grass that you can’t find elsewhere, we may be able to grow it for you.

Contact us today to speak with our knowledgeable sales and support team about how Sodco can help you.
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