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When customers come to you looking for sod, they are looking to buy a quality product. Whether those customers are landscape contractors, homeowners, or other types of consumers, they are all seeking sod that will look great, last long, and be of consistent quality. At Sodco, we can supply you with products that will have your customers happily telling others about the great product that they bought at your store.

Quality Grass Products

We offer quality grass products, including bentgrass, Black Beauty tall fescue, bluegrass, shortcut blue and more, that look great and have a longer shelf life. We harvest and transport our sod with an eye towards improving quality, using technology such as our misting shed to keep the temperature of our grass cooler than our competitors. This means you get a better delivery of product which will last longer for you.

All of our sod comes from our own farms and is planted and harvested using the same methods, which means that you will get a consistent product from us each time. A consumer that purchases grass from you one weekend, and has to return the following weekend for more, expects that the two purchases will match. If you get your sod from suppliers who do not grow all their product on the same farm, but rather source their sod from different places, that level of consistency is impossible to create. With Sodco, a consistent product backed by our commitment to quality and customer service is what we will deliver with each shipment.

Contact our helpful sales and support team for more information on how you can offer New England’s Finest Sod to your customers.
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