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Sodco is working in all that we do to lessen the impact we have on our environment in the course of running our business.

Sustainable Turf Farm Certification

We've earned the first and only Sustainable Turf Farm Certification designation. Some of the green initiatives that we have embraced are detailed below.

Solar Tubes

Throughout our entire building you will find a series of “solar tubes.” These tubes dot our roof, taking in natural light and reflecting it in a way to provide ample lighting throughout our offices and shops. While we do have normal LED lighting in our building as well, our solar tubes can provide light even on cloudy days, greatly reducing the amount of electricity we use.

Waste Oil Heat

Our shop area is fully heated with used motor oil, allowing us to take something that would normally have a negative environmental impact and turn it into something that allows us to use less consumable resources.

Less Impactful Sod Blends

Our commitment to the environment extends to the varieties of sod that we plant. Many of our products, including Black Beauty Tall Fescue Sod, are less impactful on the environment - requiring less water and nutrients to thrive. They are also naturally insect repellent, which allows us to use fewer pesticides on our farm.


We have 75% to 80% of our fields covered by low-pressure irrigation. This type of irrigation boasts very low evaporation and has more accuracy as to where the water goes – two items that allow us to use less water to irrigate our fields. Our irrigation pumps are also powered by electricity instead of diesel fuel, another change that has lessened our environmental footprint.

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