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  • No fertilizer needed
  • Minimal water after establishment
  • Great in conservations areas

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Our minimum for delivery is 1000 sqft

Sodco’s Microclover Black Beauty blend is our most popular sustainable ground cover. Todays climate challenges such as drought, water and fertilizer bans, as well as a cultural shift toward low input/ low maintenance lawns, require non-traditional solutions. Microclover Black Beauty sod is the perfect answer.  Most common clover found in lawns today is traditional Dutch white clover, which was brought overseas from Eurasia during colonial times. 

White clover is invasive and a difficult weed to fully eradicate. As an aggressive, crawling plant, white clover weed competes with most lawn grasses, and quickly forms large mats of growth that blot out any sun to plants below. It spreads with stolons or “runners” above the soil with adventitious roots forming at each node.

Microclover on the other hand, is non-colonizing, with each piece of clover being its own individual plant. This means it will not grow in large patches or mats, and it is also non flowering; meaning you won’t see hundreds of white dots on your lawn like with Dutch white clover.  The greatest benefit of Microclover is its unique ability to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere, and convert it into a form that can be absorbed by turfgrass.  Pairing this with a grass like Black Beauty turf type tall fescue, which needs very little fertilizer input, makes it a great combination.  Add in that the Black Beauty turf type tall fescue requires much less water than traditional turf grasses (Kentucky Bluegrass), and its a perfect sustainable lawn option. 

Sodco’s Microclover™ Black Beauty sod blend is a great option for any landscape. Initially grown for a large park in New York state, we have installed it for colleges, parks and recreation, as well as home lawns. It can be treated like a normal sod lawn, with the exception of herbicide applications. You can fertilize it if you like, or take a more sustainable approach and let the Microclover do its job.




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