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Often used for golf courses, both for fairways and greens. Presently, we are growing a variety of bentgrass for greens height and fairway heights.

In addition to the varieties of bentgrass sod that we are currently growing, Sodco also offers contract growing options for customers in need of a very specific type of bentgrass.

Our minimum for delivery is 1000 sqft

SODCO’s bentgrass varieties available are Pureformance Bentgrass at fairway height and Pure Distinction for greens height, which has been top-dressed with 2 mil. sand.

Pureformance Fairway Blend combines three top performing bentgrass varieties from Tee-2-Green to provide excellent genetic diversity and the highest quality fairway surfaces. All three bents are standouts on their own, but compliment each other to create a vigorous and robust blend that surpasses the sum of its parts.

Some benefits of Pureformance include:

  • Broad spectrum of disease resistance
  • Heat and cold tolerance
  • Quick recovery
  • Fast establishment
  • Unmatched playability

Pure Distinction is the ultimate bentgrass for smooth and true putting greens. Pure Distinction boasts a rich heritage that includes the legendary Penn A’s and G’s. Pure Distinction features dense, upright and aggressive growth with an exceptional ability to compete against Pao-annua.

Some Benefits of Pure Distinction Include

  • Quick recovery
  • Resistance to heat and cold
  • Wear tolerance
  • Bold, distinctive color
  • Resistance to bacterial wilt, brown patch and more
  • High tolerance to Poa-annua herbicides


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