Bentgrass sod, commonly used for golf courses, is grown locally in Slocum, Rhode Island.


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Often used for golf courses, both for fairways and greens.  Presently, we are growing a variety of bentgrass for greens height and fairway heights.  

In addition to the varieties of bentgrass sod that we are currently growing, Sodco also offers contract growing options for customers in need of a very specific type of bentgrass. Contact us for more details on our contract growing options.

We currtently have both greens height and fairway height in the ground! We have Pennway Bentgrass at Fariway height.  We just planted PureFormance Fairway Bentgrass and a 50/50 blend of 007 and Declaration Bentgrass, this will be at Greens Height. Both of these will be available Spring 2017.